Streetalk: What’s your issue?

Photo by Mario Sessions (via Unsplash)

Asked in downtown Chico.

Annie Fischer
restaurant worker
I would say that right now I’m most concerned about the homeless issue we have in Chico, and I’m really glad that there are some steps finally happening to house a lot of folks who are needing it. I’m also just so concerned about all the mask mandates lifting, especially in the schools. My heart is going out to all the teachers and parents of kids.

Marcus Meras
restaurant worker
I’m about to be 21, and I’m still struggling to figure out how to treat people, how to still take care of myself but also take care of people around me. So, I guess, people finding their balance of taking care of people around them and bettering their city as much as they can.

Marlin Ulloa
Grief. I’m personally experiencing it in the form of death, and so is the world. We’re at war. We’re all helpless because we can’t do anything, but we’re all feeling it, and all at once.

Ryan Griffith
I think local politics gets overlooked, and I think it’s important to focus on that. I know the national stuff is important, but I think people underlook local government and don’t realize how important it is.

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