Chico redistricting lines up

The city will host two more public hearings before choosing a new council map

Demographer Proposed Map No. 2 for new Chico City Council districts.

Focusing on geographic boundaries, the Chico City Council has kept all 10 proposed maps—three from the city’s demographer, seven submitted by the public—in play for the next phase of the city’s redistricting process but directed its consultant to add neighborhoods to preserve as “communities of interest.” At the March 1 council meeting, city demographer Claudio Gallegos identified just one COI, California Park.

Council members also called for minimizing division of the Avenues (which various proposals carve into three districts), student neighborhoods and Lindo Channel, while keeping whole Amber Grove, Barber, Chapman, Lower Bidwell Park, Meriam Park and the Pleasant Valley High area neighborhoods.

Heading into the next public hearing, at the council meeting Tuesday (March 15), the city will post online maps with overlays marking communities of interest. The final public hearing is April 5, when the council will choose the new district plan ahead of the November council election.

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