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We need your help. Journalism can no longer be supported with advertising revenue alone; newspapers across the country have stopped publishing or laid off staff. The coronavirus crisis forced CN&R to suspend print publication and the loss of revenue threatens our ability to provide coverage of our community.

Credible, vetted journalism is necessary for the functioning of a democracy. CN&R has supported community dialogue, spotlighted important issues, spoken truth to power and covered the arts in Chico since 1977.

We have always been committed to keeping our print and digital content free, and we need your help to continue. Your support goes to directly fund our reporters and support staff who are tirelessly working to ensure that local coverage of Chico can continue.

While daily papers across the country have lost readers at a dramatic rate over the last ten years, our audience has remained steady. With your support, the CN&R can return in some form. We are exploring options that include partnerships or conversion to a nonprofit. If you have ideas or would like to help, please email us.

Meanwhile, our editorial staff continues to report on our community during these uncertain times. They are publishing online on Your support directly funds their work.

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Help us continue reporting on important issues

The Chico News & Review wants to ensure that our team of dedicated journalists can continue working through one of the worst economic and health crises of the past century. Even a $10 monthly, recurring donation will help the CN&R continue its award-winning coverage on the topics that impact our community:

COVID-19: Public health and economic sustainability

We will continue to monitor health care response to the pandemic, push for science-based safety measures, and track the economic effects of shutdown and recovery solutions for local businesses.

Return of the arts

We will shine a spotlight on the artists and performers whose industry will be in pandemic darkness longer than most, providing a stage until it’s safe for the shows to go on again.


We will be watchdogs for the most vulnerable among us as we explore solutions to the lack of affordable housing and sufficient addiction and mental-health services in our community.

Champion equality

We will track police reform, racial justice and LGBTQ rights to help ensure equal rights for all.

Wildfire country

We will continue to give voice to Camp Fire survivors in their recovery, and take a forward look at how the community will prepare for the fires that are sure to come.