Quit or fired?

Though all appearances point to a unilateral decision by the Chico City Council to replace City Manager Mark Orme, councilmembers who spoke with the CN&R would not provide confirmation for the impetus of last week’s […]


Dividing lines

If no man—or woman—is an island, as the saying goes, Alex Brown was at least a peninsula at the Chico City Council meeting Tuesday (March 15). The agenda happened to include an item about “islands,” […]


Two-way street

Thursday morning (March 10), City Manager Mark Orme joined Chico Mayor Andrew Coolidge and a couple department heads to relay the state of the city during a videoconference presented by the Chico Chamber of Commerce. […]

Arts & Culture

On a throwback track

Before Melissa Etheridge became a Grammy-winning rock star, an Oscar-winning songwriter (for An Inconvenient Truth) and an icon among both cancer survivors and the LGBTQ community, she was a teen with a dream in rural […]