Letters to the editor: March 10, 2022

Done with Dems

A dear friend recently described the Democratic Party thusly: “It’s like people are drowning and the Democrats toss a life ring that comes up just short, every time.”

During the fall of 2020, my mom, a life-long Republican, shared her biggest problem with the Democrats: “Billy, all they do is complain.” I recalibrated my senses the last several weeks before election day 2020 and, wow, was she ever right—locally and nationally. Hell, local Democrats had the gall to take out a back page ad in the CN&R suggesting that progressive candidates running for the Chico City Council were brown-shirt Republican Trump supporters! Their cash would have been better spent promoting, and passing, “ranked-choice voting.” Nope, instead they punted the opportunity with their supermajority on the City Council.

This summer, I shared suggestions with a local Democratic Party canvasser. I’ll never forget the dismissive look accompanying their response, “OK, Bill.” They couldn’t have cared less about my concerns if I was a door knob.

I’m done voting for liberal Dems. Instead I’ll be supporting and campaigning for sincere progressive value candidates from now on. Sadly, some of my ballot boxes will remain blank.

Bill Mash

No hotel

As residents of California Park, we ask the city of Chico to deny the building permit for the proposed hotel in the California Park area. A hotel placed right next to an assisted-living facility is completely inappropriate. Building a large hotel with its lighted signage and 24-hour-a-day use would be a nuisance to our community and impact our quiet neighborhood.

Because the lake and the walking trails belong to the California Park HOA, we pay for the maintenance and security. The hotel guests would add more people to this mix, which would increase the cost of these services, placing a financial burden on the homeowners.

The roadways are over-taxed with the amount of use in this area. Multiple apartment complexes have been added along Bruce Road corridor. Together, these will impact the traffic beyond what’s reasonable. As survivors of the Camp Fire, we have significant concerns regarding evacuation should there be an emergency.

We strongly ask the city to deny the special use permit for this hotel.

Robert and Dyanne Fraga

Release the evidence

Why does it take a lawsuit to make law enforcement higher-ups follow the law? I have been reading the most alarming article in ChicoSol by investigative journalist Dave Waddell, and I am speechless. Mr. Waddell has filed suit against the city of Chico with the help of a law firm from San Francisco. The question is whether the city of Chico is in violation of the California Public Records Act in its handling of record requests related to police shootings according to attorney Aaron Field, who states that the California Supreme Court has said that “openness of government is essential to the functioning of democracy.” The need for transparency is “heightened” and “overwhelming,” he said, in cases involving the use of deadly force.

My son, Tyler Rushing, was one of those victims of deadly force. Why hasn’t the city of Chico released all the evidence to my legal team or ChicoSol?

Scott Rushing

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