Camp Fire

Paradise premiere

This Friday (July 31), Rebuilding Paradise, the Camp Fire documentary by Ron Howard will be officially released, both online and in select theaters. The Academy Award-winning director—who has relatives who used to live in Paradise—spent […]

Arts & Culture

Parking lot cafe

In 2018, Eileen Humiston and Rylan Morabito decided to take a risk and pulled the trigger on buying an old coffee truck they found on a Redding Craigslist ad. The truck was a fixer-upper built […]

Local Government

Another local voice

A new organization has just joined the political landscape in Chico. Stand up for Chico, a local political action committee, announced its presence today (July 23) with a blunt opening on its website: “The City […]

Arts & Culture

Buffet to-go

During a recently bygone time, I could take the healthiest vegetables from below a sneeze guard, combine them in ungodly ways and bury them under enough blue cheese to make a so-called “salad” capable of […]

Arts & Culture

Arts DEVO: These days

Art will find a way. The doors of California’s art spaces are once again locked. COVID-19 case numbers in the state (including Butte County) have continued to rise unabated, so Gov. Gavin Newsom was forced […]