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During last year’s Best of Chico contest, I took a deep dive into the spreadsheet of votes cast for Best Local Personality. It’s the category that receives the biggest number of unique responses each year, and even though there are a few popular (and deserving) locals who routinely take the top spots, there’s a lot of Chico personality in the rest of the votes.

When I presented a list of “the rest” in this space last year, I noted that it “painted a colorful picture” of our community, and readers agreed. It got a huge response. So, not one to let a popular idea go to waste, I decided to revisit the category this year, and was pleasantly surprised to see even more people selected (over 100) and that it was a largely new batch of folks.

Once again, I’ve gathered as many of them as I could dig up info on and fit in the space below.

Addison Winslow – Chico city councilman
Alan Marsden – Action News Now anchor
Andan Casamajor – open mic promoter; singer/guitarist for Route 66
Austin Farwell – funky bassist for Smokey the Groove
Bob Trausch – board vice president Chico Housing Action Team
Clay LaFaro Ellington – KZFR host (“Miles Ahead, Miles Behind”)
Cootdog – DJ, sound engineer, MC for Mystic Roots Band
Cort Klopping – weatherdude at KNVN/KHSL
Dann Moser – owner of Esplanade Furniture
David Nopel – local historian
Deryl Northcote – The Ultra Beautician!
DJ Amburgers – KZFR host (“Funky Reservation,” “Feral Radio”)
DJ Jigga Julie – Power 102 FM
Doug Churchill – photographer
Gary Darling – veterinarian
Jake Hollingsworth – shredder in Aberrance
Jake Sprecher – rocker; rock promoter (Valley Fever)
Jeremy V – radio personality (Z-Rock) and local theater dude
Jesse Grigg – co-owner of Commons Social Empourium
Jim Howell – KZFR host (“The Fun House,” “American Pastimes”)
Joey Moshiri – videomaker, costume boss
John Garrett – social science teacher at Pleasant Valley High
John McKinley – musician/funk boss at Black Fong
Jonathan Richman – musician; stone mason; original Modern Lover
Josh Indar – musician (Tite Nauts, Sev Pac); KZFR host (“EOD”)
Kasandra Partain – burlesque/drag producer (Atalanta Productions)
Kelli Saam – Action News Now anchor
Kozmic Kev – astrology dude; KZFR host (“Bohemian Express”)
Marty Dunlap – lawyer; community activist
Michelle Shover – local historian; author
Nancy Wiegman – NSPR host (“Nancy’s Bookshelf”)
Nick Anderson – radio personality (Z-Rock); also a theater dude!
Randy Taylor – Chico History Museum volunteer
Samantha Shaner – theater goddess
Sawyer Goodson – goth; show promoter
Scout the Wise – singer/songwriter; barista
Steve Michaels – radio personality (KZAP); kilt guy
Steve O’Bryan – owner Pullin’s Cyclery; KZFR host (“Celt Radio”)
Sue Reed – owner Bootleg consignment; super-Cali girl
Tim Buc Moore – radio personality (Z-Rock); visual artist

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