Editor’s Note: Y’all are the ‘Best’

Kudos to singular Best of Chico Local Personality nominees

As one of the editors who has been privvy to the spreadsheets of Best of Chico tabulations for many years, I can tell you there is a lot of love from the community for a lot of y’all, buried in the numbers. Just because someone’s name or business isn’t in the CN&R for this annual issue doesn’t mean they weren’t chosen by at least one voter.

In the category of Best Local Personality, there are so many single votes; this year, nearly 70 of them. Yours truly even got one. (Thanks, Mom? Connie?) Below I’ve gathered as many of them as I could dig up info on, and all these ones add up to a colorful picture of our fun, funky little community. Congratulations!

Aaron Rodgers—Pleasant Valley High grad; pro athlete

Adam White—aka ALO, bass-music producer/promoter

Angela McLaughlin—Stand Up For Chico founder

Ashley Brooks—loan officer at Brooks Lending Team

Austin Farwell—funky bassist for Smokey the Groove

“Big-colorful-hat guy dancing on bike”

Bob Backstrom—For the Funk of It co-founder; comedy guy

Cootdog—DJ, sound engineer, MC for Mystic Roots Band

DJ Amburgers—KZFR host (“Funky Reservation,” “Feral Radio”)

DJ Jigga Julie—radio personality, Power 102 FM

Doug Love—realtor at Century 21

Doug Stein—frontman for Swamp Zen and Low Flying Birds

Greg Hopkins—plumber; bassist for West by Swan, Tite Nauts

Guillermo Mash—KZFR host (“Imagining Community”)

Hayden Hill—real estate photographer

Jake Sprecher—rocker; rock promoter (Valley Fever)

Jenna Fink—Action News Now sports reporter/director

Jeremy V—radio personality (Z-Rock) and local theater dude

Jesse Grigg—The Commons Social Empourium co-owner

Joel Robinson—registered nurse

Joey Moshiri—videomaker, probably wearing a costume

Kathleen Makel—attorney

Kevin Jaradah—craft beer enthusiast; Spike’s Bottle Shop owner

Logan Alaways—manager at Focal Point Discount Landscaping

Maurice Huffman—aka Big Mo of Big Mo & the Full Moon Band

Orval Hughes—loan officer at Summit Funding

Patrick Newman—Chico Friends on the Street founder

Preston Powers—cobbler (Preston’s); KZFR host (“Blues Bayou)

Rafiki Webster—KZFR host (“Funky Reservation,” “All Mixed Up”);
Safeway dude

Randy Taylor—Chico History Museum volunteer

Rocky Winslow—trumpeter; Chico State jazz man

Ron Woodward—radio personality, Thunder 100.7 FM

Russell Damien—radio personality, KZFR and NSPR

Ryan Nelson—beertender at Chico Taproom

Sawyer Goodson—goth; drummer for all the bands

Sheriff Kory Honea—lawman; press conference boss

Steve O’Bryan —Pullins Cyclery owner; KZFR host (“Celt Radio”)

Sue Reed—Bootleg consignment owner and hella Cali girl

Teri Dubose—Broadway Pawn owner; Citizens for a Safe Chico

Will Watje—guitarist at Decades

Jason Cassidy is editor of the Chico News & Review

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