Letters to the Editor: Oct. 4, 2023

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Gratitude and empathy

Re: Editorial: “Another Paradise Burns” (Sept. 7, 2023)

The editorial is much appreciated for your sensitivity to those of us who survived the Nov. 8, 2018, fire in Paradise. Many of us can relate to the stresses of the survivors and families of the Maui fire.

Betty Lusina

Food Insecurity U

I am a senior student in the Social Work program at Chico State. With Chico being a college town, the struggles with poverty and food insecurity that college students face is a known fact in our area. Having CalFresh to use myself, before the drop of the emergency allotments I was able to work freely and buy enough groceries to last me a month. But with the amount dropping from $200 to only $20 now, I can barely buy enough groceries to last me a week—and I know I am speaking for my fellow peers as well when I say this.

With college students facing a different set of special eligibility rules, many don’t qualify. For those who do, by only receiving an amount as low as $20 a month, many faced with food insecurity decide not to sign up because it is not worth the work. Knowing the poverty rates of college students, why is there such complex rules for them?

Our county needs to find a better way to increase the amount of aid to at least $100 or $150 so those who need he services can buy enough food to last them a month.

Wang Thao


In the September Best of Chico feature (Sept. 7, 2023):

The incorrect address/phone number was listed for second place pediatrician. Dr. Tedford is currently at Northern Valley Indian Health, 1515 Springfield Drive, Ste. 175, 781-1440.

The incorrect address was listed for first place eye care specialist North Valley Eye Care, which is now at 1700 Bruce Road.

The incorrect phone number was listed for video production winner Metric Cosmetics. Their number is 516-316-5182.

The wrong website was posted for second place esthetician/waxing studio winner Skincare by Christan Allison. The address should have been instagram.com/christan.allison.

All information has been updated online.

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