Chico maps unveiled

Council redistricting proposals from the public and city’s demographer now online

Demographer Proposed Map No. 2 for new Chico City Council districts.

From one titled the “Mindful Map” to another called “The Heart of Chico,” seven public proposals for new Chico City Council districts were submitted by the city’s Feb. 14 deadline. Those maps, plus three more demographer-designed options provided by ARDA Demographics—the consulting firm hired by the city—have been posted online for public viewing.

The second of four public hearings on the current redistricting process will be held during the next City Council meeting Tuesday (March 1, 6 p.m.), at which time the 10 maps will be presented to the council and the public.

The proposals range from modest tweaks to the existing map (see Public Submission No. 1 and Demographer Proposed Map No. 1) to more dramatic shifts such as splitting the bulk of Bidwell Park—currently largely in District 6—between Districts 3 and 6; or redesigning District 1 by cutting it off at Lassen Avenue and filling it in with current District 2’s area north of Lassen.

City Council meetings have returned to in-person attendance. Comments and questions on this process may be emailed (to in advance of meetings.

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