Streetalk: Your opinion on the city’s homeless shelter next to the airport?

In the distance, the white shade tent of the temporary homeless shelter at Chico Municipal Airport. (Photo by Ken Smith)

Asked in downtown Chico

Harold Crawford

It’s just difficult. You got problems that are just problems. The better we treat the homeless, the more it’s going to attract shomeless. What are you going to do? Make it worse for them? Drive them away? There’s no good answer

Dena Elder

I’m glad there’s progress in at least acknowledging that there’s a situation and that situation needs to be addressed. I’m not totally sure that the space out there has everything that would be needed to make people comfortable.

Julian Shapanka
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I’m not super well-informed on the matter, but from what I’ve seen so far, some kind of solution was [necessary]. I think that something needed to

Ade Porter
almond milk shift manager
It seems like it’s an attempt to work in between two very opposing views—a reasonable response to having to exist in the middle of two clashing icebergs.

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