Letters to the editor: July 1, 2021

Common sense and decency

Think about it. We hear fellow citizens express frustration over our current state of affairs by blaming the easy, conspicuous and most defenseless target: people living outside. Blaming houseless people ignores economic forces (e.g., stagnant wages and skyrocketing rents), municipal planning (which has favored bigger homes and resulted in the dramatic per capita reduction of very low income homes), social forces (e.g., domestic violence) and environmental forces (e.g., the Camp Fire and the North Complex Fire, among others).

Expressing your frustration by being angry with the houseless ignores the common sense logic of first addressing the underlying forces causing our shelter crisis. The blame game does not offer a strategy for moving forward. Scapegoating a group of people ignores our most important spiritual lesson, “love thy neighbor.” How ineffective to miss the opportunity to acknowledge and accept their presence, work together for the common good and know their gift of gratitude and talents undiscovered.

We live in a fire zone that is in a drought. If we don’t have another fire disaster this year, we are prime candidates to have one next year. Effective leadership would include addressing our current shelter crisis by facilitating the establishment of well-managed non-congregate campgrounds, RV parks and a safe car park (per the North State Shelter Team proposal). Effective leadership would also include preparing for the next disaster (which we know will happen).

Charles Withuhn

Dear Doug …

Congressman LaMalfa, your response to me about the Jan. 6 commission was troubling: It begs so many questions.

You say we should evaluate Jan. 6 in conjunction with the Portland riot. Why stop there? Why not hurtle backward settling upon one big-city riot after another. Where do we stop on this slippery slope? The Watts riots of the 1960s? Or further?

Your letter also says we must look to ANTIFA to understand Jan. 6. Interesting that you chose that group. No mention of the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, Nazis, QAnon, etc.?

As for comparing Jan. 6 with Portland, etc., we should not forget that Jan. 6 was an attack upon the People’s House where the completion of the democratic process, validating the Electoral College votes, was being finalized. Is there any riot in recent history that qualifies as identical? People were killed. A noose was constructed with the intent of hanging the Vice President of the United States. Rioters called for the Speaker of the House and others, intent on doing them extreme bodily harm.

Let’s not forget, we all witnessed the Jan. 6 insurrection, minute by nauseous minute.

What is the real reason you are choosing to deny a Jan. 6 commission? Is there a truth you’d prefer people not to know about that terrifying day?

Lynn Elliott

Recall the recall

Our governor has done his best to keep Californians safe and our economy stable through this pandemic. He doesn’t deserve to have a target on his back.

Maybe he has made some mistakes, but this was uncharted territory.

We will soon have a chance to replace him—if that is the will of the people—through our regular election. Why spend millions now?

Vote “no” on the recall.

Beth Bjorklund

White men in uniform

There was a group photo posted June 17 on the Chico Police Department Facebook page of the newly hired officers. There was no diversity in this group of new officers.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, from 2019, Chico has 1,771 residents (2 percent) who identify themselves as black, 13,315 residents (18.4 percent) who identify themselves as Latino and 53,043 residents (51.2 percent) who identify themselves as female.

Where is the diversification, Chief Madden?

Scott Rushing

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