Chico and the Yes Man

Following Chico City Attorney Vince Ewing’s recent smackdown in federal court, we can’t help but think about the one who got away. We’re referring to the former city attorney, Andrew Jared, whom the City Council […]


Sweep relief

On Monday (April 12) at 9 a.m., a man named Lance sat in a camping chair a few hundred feet from Comanche Creek, sharing a piece of chicken with his dog, Chloe. An air of […]


Closed to the public

A select group of Chico City Council members, Butte County supervisors and city and county staff have been meeting behind closed doors to discuss homeless issues for the past three months. While such collaboration could […]


More protests at chambers

Two distinctly different protests took place outside of the Chico City Council chambers Tuesday (March 16), where about 100 people gathered to support the city’s unhoused population, and a much smaller group demanded the council […]


Arresting developments

As Chico police officers and city staff readied to evict homeless campers from The Triangle on Feb. 4, City Councilman Scott Huber said he couldn’t just stand by and watch as people’s belongings were bulldozed. […]


‘In memory of’

A half-dozen artists and activists gathered at The Triangle Saturday (Feb. 20) morning to install a temporary tribute to members of the homeless community who’ve died in recent years. The signs were up by 9 […]


Death by homelessness

In recent weeks, a wedge-shaped traffic median between Pine and Cypress Streets—known as The Triangle—became the latest battleground in the community-dividing conflict over how Chico should address homelessness issues. On Feb. 4, city workers and […]


Sweeps begin

After weeks of uncertainty and months of heated public debate, the city of Chico made good on pledges to step up enforcement against homeless campers Tuesday morning (Jan. 12), as dozens of city workers and […]


Shelter on horizon?

The Chico City Council made a surprise move toward establishing temporary shelter for the homeless and an unsurprising move to ban sterile syringe programs at its Tuesday (Jan. 5) meeting. Near the beginning of the […]