Streetalk: Concerned about contracting Covid-19?

(Image courtesy of Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

Asked June 17 in downtown Chico.

Brittany White
I think if we see a spike in COVID, yes, but currently I’m not. To be honest, I haven’t worn a mask really at all except for in Costco. I don’t know anybody who’s gotten it.

George Prussia
Well, I’m over 65 and I’m diabetic, so I pretty much hibernate in my apartment. I only leave to go to the grocery store and back.

Teresa Fields
I have general concerns. I work with the general public, so I keep that in mind. I try to take my own precautions, but I’m worried about other people who have more compromised immune systems than I do.

Adrianna Smallhouse
behavioral health counselor
I’m more concerned about somebody else maybe getting it from me. Personally, I’m not worried about getting it myself. If somebody’s at risk and I pass it onto them, I would feel bad for not being careful. I usually wear my mask.

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