Surge protectors

Walking into a store, eatery or nightspot around Butte County, a casual observer might assume the pandemic has passed. Quite the contrary: Absences of face coverings and plexiglass barriers belie a new spike in COVID-19 […]


Viral load

Preparing to speak about the latest manifestation of the COVID-19 pandemic locally, Dr. Marcia Nelson offered a quick apology. She explained she might look off-camera during the Zoom call to check statistics on another screen. […]


Omicron is here

After weeks of declining COVID-19 infections, Butte County’s numbers spiked dramatically during the last week of 2021. Between Dec. 26 and Jan. 1, there were 701 new cases, the highest total since the summer surge […]


Aaron Rodgers: WTF?

Where do we even start on this one? Aaron Rodgers—hometown hero, future Pro Football Hall of Famer, generous Camp Fire benefactor—what in the world were you thinking? News last week that the former Butte College […]


Kids in crisis

Over the 12 months that Californians have navigated coronavirus waves, few tacks have brought more backsplash than restrictions on in-person learning. Parents and politicians, notably Republican leaders in the North State, have rallied around fully […]