Read aloud the poem below, yelling the word “Corndog!” every time it appears: CORNDOG!Corndog!amber brownCorndog!perfect coreCorndog!what are we eating?Corndog!what are we rooting for?Corndog!got a bad taste in your mouth?Corndog!you know what will get it outCorndog!down […]

Local Government

Economic Armageddon?

Members of Chico’s City Council sounded alarms about an oncoming recession Tuesday evening (April 7), hitting the brakes on several initiatives and questioning whether to pause or reduce the sales tax measure slated for November’s […]

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Community Essays

COVID-19: A wake-up call

By Ron Angle It is clear now that global society will not be same for decades or more. The current pandemic has changed the way society interacts. For a generation at least, that change will […]

Arts & Culture

Virtual icons

Altogether, Chico Art Center (65), The Bookstore (44) and Pageant Theatre (40) have been around for a total of 149 years. While the future remains uncertain for all businesses and nonprofit groups, these three local […]


C’mere, Chico

“Socially distant” is not how Arts DEVO rolls. When I greet Chico, I go in for the hug. I am, of course, following the COVID-19 stay-at-home guidelines by removing myself from the public sphere and […]

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Letters to the Editor

About your son

Re “Regarding Henry” (Cover story, by Melissa Daugherty, March 19): The CN&R’s cover story presents profound and deeply personal insights into the experience of being a parent of a child with Down syndrome. It’s a […]