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Re “Regarding Henry” (Cover story, by Melissa Daugherty, March 19):
The CN&R’s cover story presents profound and deeply personal insights into the experience of being a parent of a child with Down syndrome. It’s a testament to the love and perseverance of family. 

In my late-twenties my wife taught in a classroom with a handful of K-3 students who were intellectually disabled. Autism, Down syndrome and mental retardation (yes, this term was in use in the 1980s).

I remember two of my ex-wife’s students, Robbie and Stacie, and the love and care she and her full-time aide provided for them in and out of the classroom. We would sometimes babysit, and the chatter in our house on assistance for her students was part of the daily routine. The proximity to the joy and pain—of child, parent and teacher—had a profound impact on me that continues unabated. 

Children like Henry are precious gifts providing daily inspiration by overcoming challenges like the little superheroes they are. Robbie and Stacie’s parents were always so proud of them, as I’m sure Melissa and Matt are of Henry. Bravo, Henry! 

Bill Mash

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Melissa Daugherty is an award-winning columnist and editorial writer who started her career as a higher education reporter at a daily newspaper. Daugherty spent 17 years at the CN&R, eight of them as editor-in-chief. Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable is her super power.

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