Profiles in cowardice

Congressman Doug LaMalfa has always been a dull, propaganda-spewing opportunist. He’s the same guy who has lined his own pockets with literally millions of dollars in farm welfare while simultaneously voting to cut food stamps […]

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The Christian civil war

There is a civil war in American Christianity: The Christian Right declaring Trump the Lord’s anointed versus progressive Christians denouncing him. Did Republicans buy the evangelicals or the evangelicals take over the Republican Party? Each […]


Defeat and denial

Sounds of celebration and fumes from idling diesel engines filled the air behind Raley’s grocery store on Notre Dame Boulevard at 10 a.m. Saturday (Nov. 7), as diehard Donald Trump supporters gathered to protest alleged […]


Worst of the worst

The moment he descended a Trump Tower escalator on June 16, 2015, and launched his first campaign, Donald Trump rewrote the meaning of “presidential.” He went on the offensive, indifferent about offending, and he’s never […]

Community Essays

Guest comment

It seems like shortly after President Trump took office—or maybe it was before the Grand Wizard Cheeto took the throne or whatever it is we have now—that we entered this strange dimension where there are […]