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Trump apologist LaMalfa needs to go

Doug LaMalfa being sworn in on Jan. 3 for the current session of Congress. (Image via Rep. Doug LaMalfa Facebook page)

Congressman Doug LaMalfa has always been a dull, propaganda-spewing opportunist. He’s the same guy who has lined his own pockets with literally millions of dollars in farm welfare while simultaneously voting to cut food stamps for his poorest constituents.

But last week, he went too far.

Late Wednesday evening (Jan. 6) and into the next morning, hours after the attempted coup incited by President Trump—a riot at the U.S. Capitol that ultimately killed five people, including a police officer—LaMalfa joined the most extreme members of his party and voted against the Electoral College certification in two states. It was a ludicrous stunt with absolutely no basis in reality, as clearly demonstrated by the Republican Party’s top congressional official, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who repudiated the maneuver.

What it did was memorialize LaMalfa as a Trump loyalist, forever linking him to a seditious scofflaw for whom there is no cost too great to subvert democracy in the name of self-preservation. Forget country over party, LaMalfa chose Trump over it all—the GOP, the Constitution and especially his district, over which he has cast a pall. Indeed, doing so has not only stained his already checkered tenure in Congress, but also has brought shame to his constituency.

There is no truth to the claims of the election having been compromised, and those in LaMalfa’s position know this. His actions aren’t about phony “concerns,” but rather fealty to a dangerous man who reveled in the bloody chaos wrought in his name. Worst of all, our congressman bears a portion of the responsibility for the violence in D.C. for parroting Trump’s election-fraud lies and adding fuel the flames. What a disgrace.

LaMalfa should resign, but we know that will never happen. He’s shown he has no shame. Moreover, he has pretty much nothing else going for him. Unlike some of his extreme Republican cohorts, who’ve lost book deals and the backing of prominent benefactors, LaMalfa’s claim to fame on a national level is being humiliated by Chris Cuomo during an interview on CNN last month.

Our response as a result is two-pronged: First, we ask residents of the 1st District to call the congressman’s office to lodge a complaint (Chico 343-1000; Redding 223-5898; D.C. 202-225-3076). Second, we encourage others regardless of party affiliation—ideally rival Audrey Denney, if she were motivated for a third run at his seat—to step up to replace him in 2022.

LaMalfa is about to begin his fifth term in office. It’s up to us to make it his last.


  1. I live in Redding. Representative LaMalfa got all sorts of federal money for Shasta Counties low income health clinics, we have superb clinics in our county, thanks to LaMalfa. I know this because I get my health care from these clinics, including Dental care. The left wing press, like the News and Review, NEVER give Republican’s credit for any good that they do, to the point where the left wing media is barely worth listening to any more. Lamalfa crushed Audrey Denny two elections in a row – despite all the money she spent. Voters in Shasta County can see what a great job LaMalfa has done, that’s why they keep re-electing him.

    • LaMalfa claims that he will, “continue to strongly advocate for programs that help improve care in rural areas, such as Federally Qualified Community Health Centers.” The Affordable Care Act (ACA) increased FQHC funding and significantly expanded the insured population. A coalition of clinics from across the northeastern corner of the state lobbied Shasta County officials to take an unpopular position in this conservative land: Defend Obamacare. The Shasta County Board of Supervisors voted to support the ACA. The Shasta County Board of Supervisors sent a letter to Rep. Doug LaMalfa, asking him to vote against the initial GOP repeal and replace bill, because it would hurt local people. LaMalfa still voted in favor of dismantling the ACA.

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