What’s going on? June 14-20

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MaMuse perform Sunday, June 16, at Chico Women's Club. (Photo by Julia Maryanska, courtesy of MaMuse)

    What happening this week? Chico News & Review has you covered with highlights of what’s on tap at local clubs, theaters, galleries and performance venues. Visit the CN&R’s FREE online calendar for all of the listings in Butte County.

    Brett Dennen

    Friday, June 14, 6pm
    Sierra Nevada Big Room
    1075 E. 20th St.

    Brett Dennen (pictured above) is a favorite of Chico audiences, and the folk-pop singer/songwriter with a passion for environmental causes is a great fit for the Big Room stage at Chico’s very eco-friendly Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Dennen is in the middle of the Moon Mountain Trio Tour and performs tonight (June 14) with his three-piece and opener, Napa-born indie singer/songwriter, RIVVRS. Tickets: $35.

    Chasing the Raft of the Medusa

    Showing through July 12
    Chico Art Center
    450 Orange St.

    “The Raft of Medusa” is a 200-year-old painting by French Romantic painter Théodore Géricault that depicts a makeshift raft filled with the ocean-battered crew of a sunken ship. The painting is based on a real historical shipwreck that initially had 147 survivors, and over the course of two weeks of exposure, starvation, and even some cannibalism, dwindled to 15 men at the time of rescue. For Nor Cal-based artists Kellen Dyer and Taner Paşamehmetoğlu, the painting serves as a kind of thematic guide that their paintings are chasing in their current two-person show on display at Chico Art Center.


    Sunday, June 16, 7pm
    Chico Women’s Club
    592 E. Third St.

    If Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Chico Chai had a baby, that kid’s favorite band would definitely be MaMuse. When the duo of Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker used to call these parts home, their brand of intentional, community-focused folk/gospel music matched Chico’s vibrations perfectly. They return to Chico June 16 for the final show of a late-spring tour. Tickets: $35-$40.


    Monday, June 17, 7pm
    Naked Lounge
    118 W. Second St.

    New England’s Perennial is pure unadulterated heck-yeah! energy. With guitar, keys, drums and guy/girl push-pull vocals, the trio plays dynamic, noisy, punky, arty garage-rock that never lets up and should motivate you to get out and shake your ass on a Monday night. A trio of locals—Cherry Ghoul, Phantom Falls and Reversed Cambered—join the bill downtown at Naked Lounge. Tickets: $10.

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