Streetalk: Best bite in Chico?

Asked in downtown Chico.

John Eaton

That’s a hard one, actually. I just go to Mexican places a lot, honestly, [especially] Atzlan. I get tacos; I like that place a lot.

Tameekah Abdullah
dam security

Burgers and Brew is always pretty good, [but] there is a restaurant right here in downtown, Pho Bonsa—they serve the best pho. It’s really nice and pretty unique.

Tommy Watson

For me, honestly, Panda Express—orange chicken.

Zachary Bennett
grad student

Actually, I really like going to Pita Pit, usually for lunch. It’s cheap and it’s healthy. I usually get a turkey pita. I also frequently go to Smokin’ Mo’s down the street. They have probably one of my favorite barbecue burgers.

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