Letters to the editor: Sept. 6, 2023

Meters watching us?

The city of Chico obviously didn’t build or program the robo parking meters; they used a third party. My question is this: Is there anything about these robo meters that is connected to Communist China? Also, these things must communicate with the police. Is that communication at all hackable?

Bob Anderson

Animals crossing

I’ve lived on Vallombrosa Avenue for almost 20 years. Not only is it a historical street, but it’s an important buffer for the animals of Lower Bidwell Park. We have deer, fawns, foxes, kits, coyotes, raccoons, opossums, skunks, quail, birds and more. All of these animals frequently cross Vallombrosa. Today (Aug. 10), I drove down Vallombrosa in the middle of the day and there was a dead or dying deer lying by the side of the road. All contacted city of Chico services, such as Animal Control and the Animal Shelter, didn’t even bother to pick up the telephone during weekday business hours. Additionally, the non-emergency Chico police staff indicated that they are unable to help.

Why did the city remove large-truck controls on Vallombrosa Avenue? Why is the current speed limit 35? Why are stop signs minimized? Why don’t we have speed bumps like Eighth Street [on the other side of the park]? Cars consistently travel at speeds higher than 35 on this street, particularly during commute hours and weekends. In spite of several stop signs, numerous accidents have occurred on Vallombrosa in which cars have crashed into residential properties. Why does the city of Chico find this acceptable?

Sue Corey

Sharing the love

I wanted to give a shout out and promote some good local news. The city of Chico and Butte County Fire Safe Council (BCFSC), with the assistance from the California Conservation Corps, have partnered to begin reducing the fire fuel and hazard along Little Chico Creek. Though in progress, the work done is impressive. Many of the private owners along Little Chico Creek have not done any clearing, which contributes to the fire risk, but the city and BCFSC are attempting to help where possible.

In a time where the city gets pounded on and criticized for so much, here are some positive highlights. Linda Herman and Jim Houtman have worked hard to collaborate and break down some of the barriers that bureaucracy has created over the years.

Leroy Christophersen

One correction; one update:

In last month’s Arts DEVO column (Aug. 3, 2023), in the blurb regarding $326,850 in funding for the Upstate Creative Corps program, one of the organizing groups, Nevada County Arts Council, was incorrectly identified as Nevada Arts Council.

In the same column, the Feb. 3 concert at Laxson Auditorium with Marcia Ball, Angela Strehli and Lou Ann Barton that was previewed has been canceled by the artists and is no longer on the Chico Performances schedule. For the latest on the season, visit chicoperformances.com.

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