Best of Chico 2023: Health & Wellness

Growing healthy bodies and minds

Chico Community Acupuncture

Acupuncture Clinic

FIRST Place: Chico Community Acupuncture
1815 Mangrove Ave., 345-5300
Open since 2010, Chico Community Acupuncture is a nonprofit and part of a national cooperative, People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture, dedicated to increasing access, availability and affordability of treatment. Chico Community Acupuncture does so in a group setting without sacrificing individual attention.
SECOND Place: Amy Dawson
572 Rio Lindo Ave., 891-1823
THIRD Place: Healing Center
1560 Humboldt Road, Ste. 5, 892-1196

Alternative Health Care Provider

FIRST Place: Privvy Modern Health
1950 E. 20th St., Ste. E-523, 309-0671
The Privvy Modern Health team features registered nurse Morgan Hatzis, a competitive athlete with extensive experience in IV therapy, and Dr. Nerissa Prieto, a board-certified anesthesiologist and critical care physician with over 15 years in practice. Located in the Chico Marketplace, Privvy provides therapeutic infusions and injections in a spa setting.
SECOND Place: Dr. Ashley Olberg, ND
4 Governors Lane, Ste. B, 715-2115
THIRD Place: Eternal Wellness Spa
1940 Notre Dame Blvd., 487-5061

Boutique Gym

FIRST Place: Sweet Fitness Kickboxing
1390 E. Ninth St., Ste. 170, 521-8495
“Hate boring workouts? Our 47-minute kickboxing workouts are the most fun workout you’ll ever have!” Sweet Fitness Kickboxing offers a new kind of workout that uses the fighting sport’s moves and gear to get fit, not hit.
SECOND Place: Basis Health & Performance
177 E. 20th St., 636-0850
THIRD Place: Orangetheory Fitness
874 East Ave., 722-4000


FIRST Place: Preference Chiropractic
1635 Magnolia Ave., 895-0224
Just a block away from Enloe Medical Center, in a beautiful, blue converted house, the McDonald family-run Preference Chiropractic offers treatment in a welcoming environment.
SECOND Place: Joyce Family Chiropractic
9 Frontier Circle, 899-8500
THIRD Place: Chico Chiropractic Center
1140 Mangrove Ave., Ste. C, 345-3043

Dental Care

FIRST Place: Nelsen Family Dentistry
1307 Esplanade, Ste. 4, 898-8511
Dr. John Nelsen and Dr. Missy Nelsen met the first day of dental school and moved to Chico to start their practice, which has been going strong for more than 20 years. For at least 15 of those years, Nelsen Family Dentistry has taken the dental top spot for Best of Chico.
SECOND Place: Kremer Dental Care
Two locations: 140 Independence Circle & 3 Glenbrook Court, 892-1234
THIRD Place: Willow Creek Dentistry
2765 Esplanade, 891-6611


FIRST Place: Hodari MD Dermatology & Rejuvené
80 Declaration Drive, 342-8295
Dr. Kafele Hodari’s Rejuvené practice specializes in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology—offering everything from Botox and filler injections to laser skin rejuvenation treatments.
SECOND Place: Chico Dermatology
774 East Ave., 280-3196
THIRD Place: CK Derm
1817 Concord Ave., Ste. 100, 767-3376

Eye Care Specialist

FIRST Place: North Valley Eye Care
1700 Bruce Road, 891-1900
North Valley Eye Care’s Chico office—one of three Butte County clinics (out of 10 overall in the North State)—moved to Meriam Park last year, and voters are still impressed with the company’s comprehensive vision care, from eye exams to new glasses and contact lenses to laser surgeries.
SECOND Place: Chico Eye Center
3401 Esplanade, 895-1727
THIRD Place: Family Eye Care
2565 Ceanothus Ave., Ste. 155, 899-3939

Nurses and Professional Healthcare

General Practitioner

FIRST Place: Dr. Julie Archer
1645 Esplanade, Ste. 1, 896-0386
Dr. Julie Archer is an internal medicine physician who practices at Chico Primary Care, where she’s made a name for herself for her attentive care. Archer has made an impression on CN&R readers, who’ve repeatedly voted for her as Best General Practitioner.
SECOND Place: Dr. Vimali Paul
85 Declaration Drive, Ste. 110, 894-6600
THIRD Place: Dr. J. Randal Sloop
2575 Forest Ave., 809-0009


FIRST Place: In Motion Fitness
1293 E. First Ave., 343-5678
In Motion Fitness again retains the top spot as locals’ choice for getting in shape. The perennial Best of Chico winner is still impressing voters with its five acres of pools, weights, cardio machines, basketball gym and fitness classes that keep our city fit and healthy.
SECOND Place: Sweet Fitness Kickboxing
1390 E. Ninth St., Ste. 170, 521-8495
THIRD Place: Basis Health & Performance
177 E. 20th St., 636-0850

Gymnastics Studio

FIRST Place: Athletic Horizons
415 Otterson Drive, 893-4967
This year is the Best of Chico debut for the Gymnastics Studio category, and it is no wonder Athletic Horizons took first prize. Their 15,000- square-foot gym on Otterson Drive looks like an amusement park for movement, with trampolines, springboards, a ball pit, bars, beams and more. They offer classes for kids 18 months to 18 years, plus private lessons and special events.
SECOND Place: Kinetics Academy of Dance & Gymnastics
627 Broadway, Ste. 100, 345-2505
THIRD Place: Chico Cheer All Stars
13306 Cabin Hollow Court, Ste. 120, 894-2227

Hearing Aid Specialist

FIRST Place: Chico Hearing Aid Center
1600 Mangrove Ave., Ste. 160, 342-8132
Since 1949, Chico Hearing Aid Center has served the community’s hearing aid needs. Audioprosthologist Deanna McCoy has been there 20 years and leads a team that specializes in digital and open fit hearing aids, along with providing exams, hearing tests, device cleaning and repairs.
SECOND Place: Costco
2100 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy, 332-1742
THIRD Place: UpState Hearing Instruments – Chico
676 E. First Ave., Ste. 12, 893-4327

Local CBD Source

FIRST Place: Sweet Flower
1998 Alcott Ave., 809-1620
Now that brick-and-mortar cannabis dispensaries are open in Chico, locals have another source for CBD as well. Sweet Flower carries a wide variety of products, from body-ache creams to soft drinks that feature THC and CBD blends.
SECOND Place: Embarc Cannabis Goods
185 Cohasset Road, 636-1420
THIRD Place: S&S Organic Produce & Natural Foods
1924 Mangrove Ave., 343-4930

Local Healthcare Provider

FIRST Place: Nurses and Professional Healthcare
1801 Foundation Lane, 899-2255
When it comes to providing local healthcare, Sis Gilmore’s company is everywhere. Working from its Meriam Park headquarters with a roster of more than 450 caregivers, Nurses and Professional Healthcare provides temporary and long-term staffing for all types of medical facilities throughout the North State.
SECOND Place: Butte Home Health and Hospice
10 Constitution Drive, Ste. A, 895-0462
THIRD Place: Enloe Medical Center
1531 Esplanade, 332-7300

Martial Arts Studio

FIRST Place: Azad’s Martial Arts Center
313 Walnut St., Ste. 150, 892-2923
Grandmaster Farshad Azad is acclaimed for his hands, as well as his heart. He is a 10th degree black belt in both Hapkido and Tai Chi; holds master rank in Jung SuWon and Kali; and created multiple martial arts forms. He’s also widely recognized for his philanthropy, a model he sets at his studio, which has been a Chico staple for 38 years.
SECOND Place: Haley’s Martial Arts Center
260 Cohasset Road, 895-3114
THIRD Place: Morning Sun Martial Arts
181 E. Ninth Ave., 342-5833

Massage Therapist

FIRST Place: Babette Maiss
13 Williamsburg Lane, 321-5668
Babette Maiss moved to the United States from Germany, and has been living in Chico for more than 30 years. Her massage practice is geared toward medical-therapeutic techniques, and as of late she’s focused on lymph massages.
SECOND Place: Wendy’s Massage Chico
1351 Mangrove Ave., 342-2222
THIRD Place: Prana Endura Wellness Center
40 Constitution Drive, Ste. E, 520-3459


FIRST Place: Chico Pediatrics
670 Rio Lindo Ave., Ste. 300, 343-8522
This is Best of Chico win number seven for Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, and his fellow providers at Chico Pediatrics. The office, founded in 1977, cares for newborns up to age 18.
SECOND Place: Dr. Patrick Tedford
1515 Springfield Drive, Ste. 175, 781-1440
THIRD Place: James Logan, M.D.
254 Cohasset Road Ste. 10, 877-KIDS

Personal Trainer

FIRST Place: Nate Carlascio
Basis Health & Performance, 117 E. 20th St., 636-0850
As owner and trainer at Basis, Nate Carlascio’s dedication—and his uncomplicated approach, “lift weights, eat whole nutritious foods and move daily”—has earned him loyal devotees and a third straight Best of Chico award.
SECOND Place: Jorden Estes
NS Fit, 1026 Skyway, 898-8348 & Basis Health & Performance, 117 E. 20th St., 636-0850
THIRD Place: Crystal Thomas
Crystal Thomas Fitness,

Nate Carlascio (Basis Health & Performance)

Physical Therapy Office

FIRST Place: Avail Physical Therapy
2555 Ceanothus Ave., Ste. 150, 892-2810
Matt and Julie Eller opened Avail Physical Therapy in 2004 and have grown the business like raising a family, where healing and movement are encouraged in a comfortable, open and fun environment. Currently, there are four full-time physical therapists on staff—including the two owners—addressing orthopedic injuries, sports rehab, post-surgical care, spinal rehab and much more.
SECOND Place: Coast Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine
1044 Mangrove Ave., 892-2966
THIRD Place: Enloe Rehabilitation Center Outpatient Therapy
340 W. East Ave., 332-6110

Plastic Surgeon

FIRST Place: Dr. Daniel Thomas
619 W. East Ave., 891-4391
Dr. Daniel Thomas has been practicing in Chico for more than 20 years. As it says on his website, “Whether you decide you need a subtle correction or a more significant transformation, Dr. Thomas specializes in the most advanced body and facial procedures to help you attain the natural beauty you are looking for.”
SECOND Place: Emily C. Hartmann, M.D.
Beauty Eternal Medspa, 1930 Notre Dame Blvd., 487-5020
THIRD Place: Dr. Kevin D. Myers
Northstate Plastic Surgery, 1260 East Ave., Ste. 100, 345-5900


FIRST Place: Chico Creek Animal Hospital
3449 Highway 32, 343-3516
Chico Creek Animal Hospital was established in 2014, and since then Dr. Matthew Bettencourt and staff “have worked hard to create a warm and friendly environment where exceptional care can be delivered in a positive, stress-free way.” They offer the full range of vet services, from general animal health and wellness care to surgery and dentistry.
SECOND Place: Darling Veterinary Clinic
2520 Dominic Drive, Ste. 145, 892-8910
THIRD Place: Evers Veterinary Clinic
1150 El Monte Ave., 343-0713

Yoga Studio

FIRST Place: Hot Yoga Club Chico
1140 Mangrove Ave., Ste. B, 321-0611
Hot Yoga Club is a hit, drawing thousands of rave online reviews for its amenities, classes and, most importantly, instructors. Said one: “Amazing flow that was challenging and fun! Professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful and reflective instructor!”
SECOND Place: The Pilates Barre
1905 Notre Dame Blvd., Ste. 170, 433-9522
THIRD Place: Yoga Center of Chico
250 Vallombrosa Ave., Ste. 150, 342-0100

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