Letters to the editor: April 6, 2023

CN&R readers sound off

No military equipment

A new law, AB 481 requires California police departments hold a yearly public meeting about “military equipment,” including what they have and how they use it. Our Chico Police Department’s presentation to be led by Chief Aldridge is currently scheduled for April 27, 6 p.m., in City Council Chambers.

If you can’t attend, read up on the policy at the city’s site (chico.ca.us/post/ab-481-military-equipment-use-policy) and send comments to the Chico Police Department Professional Standards Unit (CPDPSU@chicoca.gov) as well as the City Council (visit chico.ca.us/city-council-directory for contact info).

Read more on this issue at the Concerned Community for Justice site: cc4jchico.org

Robin Keehn

As a concerned Chico community member, I demand that the City Council not approve Chico Police Department’s Military Equipment Use Policy. We are not at war, and CPD has yet to explain why it is amassing these weapons in our small, rural northern California town. A lot of money is needed to train officers on how to use this equipment, as well as store, repair and upkeep military-grade weapons and equipment that our town does not need. This is a waste of precious funding that needs to be reinvested into our community, not into weapons. The police have no business bringing these military weapons into our community. Please attend the Community Engagement meeting April 27, 6 p.m., in City Council Chambers, and contact the city council demanding an end to the militarization of our local police department.

Alicia Trider

Pistols were the only weaponry needed by the Chico Police Department in the five most recent officer-involved fatal shootings of civilians in the city. I cannot understand why CPD needs military weaponry when the fact is that traditional pistols have been proven to be effectively lethal. I believe there is ample brainpower in Chico to organize and oppose the police department’s policy. In a time when officers are allegedly being trained to de-escalate and to embrace the preservation of life, it seems counterproductive to increase the lethal weapons available to the “peace officers” of CPD. Please show the Chico City Council that you oppose militarizing the police department. It is a matter of life and death.

Scott Rushing

Shelter from the war

Uniting for Ukraine is a federal program offering Ukrainian citizens Temporary Protected Status—to shelter in the U.S.—for two years, offering support for the war refugees, who may also be able to apply for asylum.

The number of Ukrainians seeking to come here exceeds the number of approved sponsors. Sponsorship support can range from being a “Paper Sponsor” (submitting the required paperwork, Form I-134 Declaration of Financial Support, to U.S. Customs and Border Protection) to providing or helping refugees secure transportation and housing. Sponsors can decide for themselves the extent of support they are able or willing to provide; there is no obligation to host a Ukrainian individual or family in their home or to provide them with financial assistance.

If you’re in a position to help someone from Ukraine escape the destruction occurring in that country, visit u4u.com.ua for additional information.

Michael Briand

Parking meter ripoff

Credit card companies charge merchants on average between 1 and 1.5 percent to process credit card transactions. Here in Chico, we have a new parking meter payment system in place. You can use quarters or your credit card, and for the latter you will be charged a 35 percent surcharge for the convenience. Swipe for one dollar and get charged $1.35!

George Gold

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