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CN&R spotlights local businesses with service as their ethos

Times are tough. There’s no sugar-coating economic struggles in Chico, Butte County and elsewhere. Residents—and businesses—are feeling the pinch of high prices for gas, food and goods.

The CN&R could devote our annual Business Issue to that side of the commercial world.

Instead, we’re looking at the brighter side: businesses that value giving back to the community. Helping where and when they’re needed most. Not because they have to—but because it’s the right thing to do.

We could have spotlighted any number of altruistic enterprises. We’re focusing on two: Azad’s Martial Arts Center and Sunseri Construction. Though many Chicoans recognize Grandmaster Farshad Azad, few know his life story. And while many have driven by—or live in—Sunseri developments, few know the contractors behind those buildings.

Let these people serve as inspiration for the positivity that’s possible in even the most challenging circumstances.

Featured in this special edition:
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Foundation of compassion

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