Streetalk: Do you feel safe going to a concert (with COVID still around)?

Asked in downtown Chico

Alix MacDonald
university employee
No. Well, outdoor and masked, that’s my caveat. I would feel safe socially distanced and masked as needed.

Krystle Tonga
university employee
I think even masked and outdoors is unrealistic. When you’re at a concert, it’s hot, you’re in the moment, you just kind of want to enjoy the space. With all the cases that have come from festivals and concerts, I don’t know. It doesn’t feel safe. I would respect other people’s choice to go to a concert; I don’t think that I would go to a concert.

Daniel B. Salas
Yeah, sure. As long as there are some guidelines and some distance between people. Unfortunately, we can’t mosh right now.

Rena Eley
casino employee
Yes, I do. I’m not afraid of COVID.

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