Done deal?

According to Butte County Supervisor Debra Lucero, the board majority’s final decision on a new district map was both predictable and illegal. “What this board has done is draw lines according to political purposes,” Lucero […]


Victory lap

The chilly night air, sharpened by the frozen surface beneath his wheels, did nothing to cool the warmth of Kevin Hines’ smile as he first circled the ice rink in Chico City Plaza Thursday night […]

Local Government

Taking a stand

The first indication that the Chico City Council meeting Tuesday night (Dec. 7) would have a distinct tone came 45 minutes before the start, when a dozen orange-clad city workers gathered at a food truck […]


Top 10 stories of 2021

There is no sugar-coating it: 2021 has not been easy. America as a whole may have gone through more turmoil during the previous year, but Butte County had the unrelenting wildfires and extreme drought of […]


What were they thinking?

Paging Dr. Feelbad: Enloe Medical Center ER physician Dr. Lamont Leavitt allegedly shared propaganda with a patient that called the COVID-19 pandemic a hoax and lambasted masks and social distancing. Ted Nugent can write the […]


Spotlight on Chico

Last month, a group called Chico Voters launched recall efforts against Mayor Andrew Coolidge and Councilman Sean Morgan. Among the group’s cited reasons why the men should be removed from office are perceived missteps related […]