Streetalk: If you had to move out of California, where would you go?

Asked in downtown Chico.

Isaac Zink
window washer
Probably Washington because I have family there. Somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula.

Becky Wallace
hair stylist
Probably North Carolina. Somewhere close to the beach. Why not?

David Stachura
biology professor
Oregon, probably. But that wouldn’t really fix the issue, would it? Southern Oregon though, like Medford or Ashland.

Vincent Anderson
mortgage loan officer
North Carolina. The cost of living is dirt cheap. A couple of my cousins moved over there. If you look at Idaho, North Carolina—all those states—the state tax, as opposed to the federal tax, is so much less. In California, you’re paying out the ass for everything.


  1. I have lived in 9 states and traveled to 46 (missing north east states).

    California has awesome weather and terrain. Best in the country.

    Best states to live long term would be: Hawaii, Florida, Texas.

    For quality of life/job opportunity: Texas, Florida, Hawaii.

  2. I’m not a flatlander, so there would have to be mountains. I would probably move back to Colorado possibly near Colorado Springs.

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