Streetalk: How do you maintain mental health during lockdown?

Photo by Iain Watson (via Flickr)

Asked in downtown Chico.

Silvia Franco
I’m really just trying to be active and trying to have a routine of some sort. I have been going to the gym, [and I] go to the park like every day. Having some routine helps.

Conner Montgomery
Back in March, I’d go into Upper Bidwell Park, go on runs, work out, go to work and listen to music mostly. Going to school sucked. Everything was online, so our teachers sent us work and then sent us on our way. It was kind of horrible.

J. Trip
brewery packaging
Working and meditation and art. We’ve been going strong the whole time. Regulations and policies have changed to stay safe, but every other given thing is work as usual.

Stephanie Zuniga
I think people are like, “Hey, this is not a real thing,” or letting fear rule them. I think the best thing is to think, “Hey, you’re still alive.” You can breathe. You still have two legs. Stop complaining about stuff that you can’t change and be glad that you’re here.

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