Top 10 stories of 2021

There is no sugar-coating it: 2021 has not been easy. America as a whole may have gone through more turmoil during the previous year, but Butte County had the unrelenting wildfires and extreme drought of […]


What were they thinking?

Paging Dr. Feelbad: Enloe Medical Center ER physician Dr. Lamont Leavitt allegedly shared propaganda with a patient that called the COVID-19 pandemic a hoax and lambasted masks and social distancing. Ted Nugent can write the […]

Arts & Culture

Delivered by song

Bodies – AFI The pandemic has been a nonstop conundrum for the music industry, with politics, supply-chain disruption and a decimated live-music scene making the past year-plus very unpredictable. From that chaos, however, the bands […]