Whom to watch in 2023

With pandemic restrictions and midterm election campaigns behind us, the year ahead feels a bit like a blank slate. What stories will the Chico News & Review tell, and who will be making the news, […]


Seeking stability

When the Chico City Council convened Tuesday evening (July 5) for closed session, an hour before open session, signs pointed to a meeting of unanimity. Literally so: City clerks had not affixed the seat marker […]


Time’s up

This feature from the April 7 print version of the Chico News & Review is an overview of the departure of former City Manager Mark Orme that comprises reporting from a series of stories by […]


Quit or fired?

Though all appearances point to a unilateral decision by the Chico City Council to replace City Manager Mark Orme, councilmembers who spoke with the CN&R would not provide confirmation for the impetus of last week’s […]


Holding pattern

The city of Chico will be appointing an interim police chief in the coming weeks, an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recruitment for the position—held for the past five years by Chief Mike O’Brien—is on […]

Local Government

Economic Armageddon?

Members of Chico’s City Council sounded alarms about an oncoming recession Tuesday evening (April 7), hitting the brakes on several initiatives and questioning whether to pause or reduce the sales tax measure slated for November’s […]