Quit or fired?

Though all appearances point to a unilateral decision by the Chico City Council to replace City Manager Mark Orme, councilmembers who spoke with the CN&R would not provide confirmation for the impetus of last week’s […]


Dividing lines

If no man—or woman—is an island, as the saying goes, Alex Brown was at least a peninsula at the Chico City Council meeting Tuesday (March 15). The agenda happened to include an item about “islands,” […]


Two-way street

Thursday morning (March 10), City Manager Mark Orme joined Chico Mayor Andrew Coolidge and a couple department heads to relay the state of the city during a videoconference presented by the Chico Chamber of Commerce. […]


Grinding along

At each meeting over the past two months, when the Chico City Council has convened over Zoom amid the omicron-fueled surge of COVID-19 cases, many public speakers have criticized the city for this precautionary measure […]


A vote for recall

I support the recall of Mayor Andrew Coolidge and Councilman Sean Morgan. Here’s why: On April 23, 2021, Federal Judge Morrison C. England, Jr. in a court hearing said, “You can’t justify the ordinances that […]


All steam, no boil

Several specters loomed over Chico City Council members as they convened Tuesday evening (Jan. 18). Meeting over Zoom due to coronavirus precautions, the council repeatedly heard comments in open session about matters that were to […]


Tenuous connection

When Scott Dowell began a presentation on broadband to the Chico City Council at its meeting Tuesday night (Jan. 4), (conducted over Zoom due to coronavirus precautions), he projected unbridled excitement. High-speed internet, he said, […]

Local Government

Taking a stand

The first indication that the Chico City Council meeting Tuesday night (Dec. 7) would have a distinct tone came 45 minutes before the start, when a dozen orange-clad city workers gathered at a food truck […]