Walk the talk

“Creativity is a survival strategy.” That line is part of a quote by art critic Jerry Saltz that opens the most recent Art Talk newsletter put out by longtime local arts activist, teacher and painter […]

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Disco party in your living room

What do you miss most as you wait out the coronavirus? If the answer is dancing, then Chico disco-pop duo Astronaut Ice Cream has solved one of your problems. Guitarist Kirt Lind and singer/beat-maker Heather […]

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Poetry 99

The Chico News & Review’s annual Poetry 99 issue was supposed to come out on April 2. That was before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the paper to suspend print publication, putting many planned stories—including the […]

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Read aloud the poem below, yelling the word “Corndog!” every time it appears: CORNDOG!Corndog!amber brownCorndog!perfect coreCorndog!what are we eating?Corndog!what are we rooting for?Corndog!got a bad taste in your mouth?Corndog!you know what will get it outCorndog!down […]

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New music today (whichever day this is)

Chico’s shelter-in-place soundtrack has some new tracks this week: Longtime Chico music dude Cameron Ford splits his musical time these days between his solo pop-rock works and his chill Yoga Beats releases. For his latest, […]


Rally ’round small businesses

The economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus response has been devastating for small-business owners and employees in Chico, as well as the rest of the country. In the last two weeks of March, roughly 10 […]

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Virtual icons

Altogether, Chico Art Center (65), The Bookstore (44) and Pageant Theatre (40) have been around for a total of 149 years. While the future remains uncertain for all businesses and nonprofit groups, these three local […]

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C’mere, Chico

“Socially distant” is not how Arts DEVO rolls. When I greet Chico, I go in for the hug. I am, of course, following the COVID-19 stay-at-home guidelines by removing myself from the public sphere and […]

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Theater stuff and things

The Blue Room Theatre may have gone dark, along with every other local arts producer, but the theater is still active. In the wake of the clampdown on public gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, the […]

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Quarantine playlist: Chico Music Television

“I want my Chico music scene!” We hear you. We miss it, too. During this time of coronavirus disconnection, stay connected with multiple eras of the local scene by visiting the Chico News & Review’s […]

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The show goes online

Virtual greetings, Quaranchico. The Chico News & Review is back (Arts DEVO, too!). Well, sort of. The newspaper racks are empty. Print publication is still suspended indefinitely as we wait out the coronavirus pandemic, so […]


Can we eat out?

As coronavirus guidelines take hold, many restaurants are still cooking … and they need your business. […]

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Camp Fire

Music doesn’t burn

Photo by Melissa Daugherty Two days after the Camp Fire broke out, CN&R Arts Editor Jason Cassidy takes a picture of the address marker at a friend’s destroyed Paradise home. Maybe Conrad’s bass guitar somehow […]