How do I vote in Butte County?

A guide for casting a ballot in Butte County for the March 5 primary

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This feature is part of the CN&R’s 2024 election coverage.

The county started mailing ballots to registered voters for the 2024 Primary Election on Feb. 5. If you don’t receive—or lose or destroy—your vote-by-mail ballot, apply for a replacement at the Butte County Elections Office. Call (530) 552-3400 for info. To check the status of your ballot (when it was mailed, received and counted), visit

Below is a refresher on the different ways local voters can turn in their ballots. Returned vote-by-mail ballot envelope must be completed, signed and sealed by the voter. The signature on the return envelope will be compared to the signature on the voter registration record.

Will I be able to vote for presidential candidates?

For the Primary Election, you can only vote for Republican, Green and Peace & Freedom candidates if you’ve registered with the individual party. For Democratic, American Independent or Libertarian candidates, in addition to registered party members, “no party preference” voters who have requested a presidential-race ballot from the county can take party in the respective races.

Three ways to vote:

Mail it back:
● No postage necessary.
● Ballot must be postmarked by Election Day—Tuesday, March 5—and received by the Elections Office by March 12.

Deposit in a secure drop box:
● Drop boxes open Feb. 5-March 5.
● Ballot must be turned in before 8 p.m. on March 5.
● Refer to your Voter Information Guide for a list of drop box locations and hours (most are available 24 hours a day).

Hand deliver to a voting assistance center (VAC):
● VACs open Feb. 24-March 5 (note: some locations won’t open until March 2 or 5).
● Ballot must be turned in before 8 p.m. on March 5.
● Refer to your Voter Information Guide for a list of VAC locations and dates and hours of operation.

Wait, am I registered?

● Check your registration status at
● Deadline to register by mail or online (at is Feb. 20.
● Miss the deadline? There’s still a way: Conditional Voter Registration is available, and you can fill out a provisional ballot at the Butte County Clerk-Recorder Elections Division office (155 Nelson Ave. Oroville;, or at select VAC locations, between Feb. 21 and March 5.

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