Guest Comment: “No” to Valley’s Edge

A town the size of Gridley thrust up into the foothills on the east side of Chico, destroying valuable animal and plant habitat, eliminating mature oak trees, disrupting water flow, increasing Chico’s greenhouse gas emissions, and impairing the viewshed.

That’s Valley’s Edge—a sprawling 1,446 acres of beautiful range and oak savanna turned into ticky-tacky houses on the hillside. But not inexpensive houses. Not houses for the people in Chico who need housing. Houses for people coming from the Bay Area or Southern California.

Stop Valley’s Edge has done extensive research into the issues that worry Chicoans—fire danger, traffic, polluted water, water shortage, loss of open spaces for biking and hiking. We have evidence that verifies the negative impact Valley’s Edge would have on our city.

The proponents and developers of Valley’s Edge are surely stretching the truth when they claim that they will have significant affordable housing in their plans. The touted trails and parks of the HOA development would not be open to all Chicoans. This development is not meant for Chicoans. It’s meant to put dollars in the pockets of developers, realtors and loan companies. Follow the money.

On March 5, vote “no” on measures O and P. Stop Valley’s Edge.

Eric Nilsson is a retired principal/superintendent of Inspire School of Arts and Sciences and has lived in Chico since 1987.


  1. May all our efforts to stop Valley’s Edge be realized by a great voter turnout of Chico citizens on March 5 !!!

  2. I’m grateful that with this online version of CN&R, you will cover the upcoming election as diligently as you have in the past. It is such a helpful public service – especially an analysis of the propositions.
    I go way back with this paper – Bob Speer was my neighbor – hippies in Butte Creek Canyon- when the Wildcat moved off campus to become the Chico News and Review. I’m still a fan and happy to provide a small monthly donation to help keep this valuable publication afloat.

  3. I read this morning that Valley’s Edge developers are now attempting to buy Chicoan’s votes by promising to gift acreage for parks only if they vote in favor of the development.
    This was a real eye roller. A new way of buying votes. Unbelievable. I hope the voters of Chico are smarter than that and show their votes can’t be bought.

  4. Ironically, I presently live in Southern California, Long Beach to be exact. I used to live in Chico, nearly twenty-five years ago. And I’m actually planning to come back to Chico, hopefully sooner than later. But, I promise, I won’t be occupying a ticky-tacky house that some developer had to destroy a wildlife habitat in order to build. And if I lived up there right now, you better believe that I too would be voting a resounding “NO!!!” on measures O and P. Good luck on that, Chicoans. I’ll be following this story.

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