Streetalk: Do you remember your first bike?

Photo by Chip Vincent

Asked in downtown Chico.

Hannah Rott, college student

I think it was a purple Trek bike? It was a mountain bike. We would go sometimes on the trails around Chico and ride around, but nothing too crazy.

Jason Rott. business administrator

I do! It was a Huffy BMX bike. Dad got if for me, I think for a birthday gift when I was maybe 6, 7 years old. I was pretty proud of my bike.

Leslie McCormick, administrative assistant

My first bike? Yeah, it was blue and had tassels and I got it for Christmas. It was two-wheel. That was my first big-girl bike.

Chandler Porter, coffee shop manager

I rode a lot of 20-inch bikes behind the almond warehouse [on The Esplanade]—at the makeshift bike park.

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