Streetalk: What do you do for outdoor fun?

Asked in downtown Chico

Ryan Reaves

Mountain biking—in Upper Park. I like to go uphill on the south side, and then cross the creek and come back on the north side.

Kim Hamberg

Go to the park, ride my bike in the park. I usually go to Lower and Middle [Bidwell Park]. And we love going to the farmers’ market every Saturday.

Jose Trujillo

When we have outdoor fun, [we head] to the park. We have a little one, and parks around our place are pretty clean. Maybe Upper Park later when she’s old enough to handle it.

Frankie Granberry

I ride a Harley, so I do a lot of riding my motorcycle for fun. It’s one of my biggest hobbies. I want to go ride by the coast. The scenery would be the best part.

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