Streetalk: What biz would you open?

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

Asked in downtown Chico

Mitchell Benson
self employed

The one I’m doing now. I do building remodels and stuff like that. I’m basically a handyman. [I’d like to expand into] the electronics field, rebuilding circuit boards—electronic repair kind of stuff.

Sean Amaral
land steward

For me, I’d probably start a mountain bike business—rentals and also have the shuttle access to get people up there and ride.

Janelle Thomas
dental assistant

Hair salon. I kind of want to cut hair. That’s what I think would be fun. I’ve been doing [my current work] for like 20 years.

Tristan Samaniego
restaurant employee

It would probably be another juice shop. Live Life Juice Co.—everybody goes there—and Jamba Juice just closed, so there’s another opportunity. I like smoothies.

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