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It’s all in the name

A touch of swagger is essential if you want to compete in the barbecue game. It’s a business where, from backyards to brick-and-mortar storefronts, bragging rights and word-of-mouth praise are a grillmaster’s stock and trade. […]


Covered California rates going up

By Ana B. Ibarra for CalMatters CalMatters is an independent public journalism venture covering California state politics and government. For more info, visit Premiums for health insurance plans sold through the state marketplace will increase […]


Butterfly effect

On a recent Friday afternoon, the heat more intense than the thermometer would indicate, Angela Laws headed into a clearing at the Oroville Wildlife Area. She checked her handheld GPS, then strode past rows of […]


Surge protectors

Walking into a store, eatery or nightspot around Butte County, a casual observer might assume the pandemic has passed. Quite the contrary: Absences of face coverings and plexiglass barriers belie a new spike in COVID-19 […]


Community boosters

Times are tough. There’s no sugar-coating economic struggles in Chico, Butte County and elsewhere. Residents—and businesses—are feeling the pinch of high prices for gas, food and goods. The CN&R could devote our annual Business Issue […]


Enter the altruist

On the top shelf of the bookcase above his office desk, Farshad Azad displays a soccer ball. It’s from the 2014 World Cup, now slightly deflated—seemingly out of place among mementos more apropos of the […]