Streetalk: Best memory of 2022?

Photo by Sarandy Westfall

Chris Hayashida-Knight
nonprofit administrator

I think getting back out in the world with my family, doing fun things again. We have been to Laxson to three or four different shows; we’ve been down to the Bay Area for family trips.

Joseph Harris

It would be meeting my girlfriend, and we moved in together and we got a cat. It’s been a lot of fun.

Despina Gurlides
math teacher

I think the best memory is going to be that things started coming back to life. I love dancing, and all of sudden, there have been dances to go to. It felt like life became more normal again. We connected with people; we got to see our families; we got to dance; we got to go to restaurants.

Kevin Lanzinger

How close we were able to bond—family and friends. COVID forced everyone inside, obviously. When you’re not able to move around and do things, you find ways to do things—video games, [going to] parks—to be around people.

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