Arts DEVO: Loverboy and the Goose

Jason Cassidy

Turn me loose

Dolphin shorts, checkerboard muscle shirt, Walkman loaded with Loverboy cassette. Arts DEVO was ready for his paper route, delivering copies of the Redding Record Searchlight by bike as rock-’n’-roll worlds bloomed in his headphones.

That was 1982. The year it got into my head to get on a stage and sing songs. It would be 5 years before I’d start to learn how to play guitar, another year before I’d play music in front of anyone, but the fantasy was solidified on that BMX bike. In my head I was in red leather pants and going through my stage moves—grab the mic stand, put the foot on the monitor and wink at the guitarist as I whispered along in real life: “Only the lucky ones …”

The vision is as clear to me now as it was in junior high, and it came back in a flash when I saw that Loverboy was among the many bands to be covered in tribute locally this month—a list that includes two Tom Pettys (Petty Rocks, Nov. 5 at Jen’s Place and Petty Theft, Nov. 19 at Feather Falls Casino); two Hearts (Heart by Heart, Nov. 10, Rolling Hills Casino and Heartless, Nov. 26, Feather Falls); Prince (The Purple Xperience, Nov. 12, Feather Falls); and Motley Crue (Motley 2, Nov. 25, Feather Falls).

But wait! Loverboy at Gold Country Casino on Nov. 12 is not a tribute. It’s Loverboy, the original dudes. They’ve never stopped playing, and they’ve even put out a bunch of new music over the years. Dang!

Newspaper boy money might not have been enough to score red leather pants, but newspaper editor money is! Faux ones at least. What are the words? “Everybody needs a second chance!”

The goose is back

After an extended tease throughout the pandemic, owner Rob Rasner has pulled down the paper from the windows and unveiled his new Winchester Goose bar. The doors were opened early October, and I gotta say that the revamped space that used to house Herreid Music and before that a couple of old-school Chico nightclubs (the Blue Max, Cabo’s) is sexy: Charred wood paneling and benches, gorgeous gnarled claro walnut bar, checkboard floor.

And its huge inside! And there’s a giant stage! And just like the previous location, it’s within walking/biking distance from my house!

I missed the grand opening party, but was able to sneak in with my dog Rosie for a one-beer (amazing Wolfe’s Neck IPA from Maine Beer Co.) visit one recent Thursday night. Hours are limited for now (4 p.m. to close, Thursday-Saturday) as they work out the kinks, but there is already a small decadent-looking menu and a full bar in addition to an impeccably curated beer list. My favorite neighborhood watering hole is back!

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