Streetalk: Feel safe in Chico?

Photo by Steve Shook (via Flickr)

Asked in downtown Chico.

It’s multifactorial. It depends on where I am, the time of day, if I’m with my husband, by myself, if I have my pepper spray. I had transients living in my garage for days and I was unaware of it, so that put a bad taste in my mouth. Overall, I feel safe most of the time.


No, I do not, because of the police. Being part of the BIPOC community I feel—especially in rural places like Chico—targeted for just existing. I feel like the police presence here is very heavy and it’s very well funded, and that scares me.

county employee

I feel safe anywhere. I think [Chico is] maybe a little more dangerous than the average city for this size, but it is a college town, so …


I, personally, would be OK walking down the street in Chico. I’m not even from here and I’d feel safe here. Folks who are houseless, they can cause concern. I think, locally, stick to the busy areas and you’re fine.


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