Streetalk: Best day?

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz

Asked in downtown Chico.

Pritam Chakraborty

For me, a best day would look like: meeting with people that you really love and having fun with them. And, doing anything that you love. I love to play soccer. I love to paint. I love to go on adventures anywhere.

Melissa Glover
dental office manager

No work. Food, friends and fun. Recreation outdoors: camping, fishing, going to the ocean.

Ariana Lopez

Doing something that makes me really happy—like hanging out with friends, playing my favorite sports like softball.

Chris Allen
craft store employee

One where I have free time. I’m trying to learn how to do computer programming, so if I have time during the day to devote to that. If it’s a day that I’m learning, then that’s a good day.

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