Streetalk: What do you like most about yourself?

Photo by Lidya Nada

Asked at Vallombrosa post office

Rachael Clark
hospital tech

If I had to pick one, I guess my perfectionism. It stresses me out, but I like it. It helps me stay focused with everything that’s going on—work, school, life, planning a wedding. I try to be a good person as much as I can.

Ali Sarsour

Anything they want me to do, I was available to do it. I help people. Like one time, I was teaching Arabic, and it came out that these two guys in my class—they came from Iran—started talking about having a mosque. We ended up opening a big mosque. When Paradise burned, we opened the mosque for people to send us stuff and [for them] to come and get some of the [supplies]. I was there, [but] it’s not just me. It was a lot of people.

Caitlin Junti
college student

My perseverance. I moved halfway across the United States—[from] Oklahoma—by myself to go to college. It’s hotter back home than it is here.

Erica Blaschke

I guess I like that I’m hard working. As a teacher, I put in a lot of hours. I also enjoy some downtime, and I just came back from Europe!

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