Streetalk: What local business are you proud to support?

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Asked in downtown Chico

Darrius Ramsey
Woodstock’s! It’s a great place for pizza and community. You never feel a sense of being alone when you’re at Woodstock’s.

Kaylie Cory
clothing retail
I like Little Red Hen [Nursery]. I like their plants a lot. They always have really healthy plants. My plants from them don’t usually die … and they’re a nonprofit, and they have a whole bunch of different stuff that they sell.

Miguel Perez
fine dining
I’d say, Momona. I live in Los Angeles, and I visit here whenever I can, and every time I do visit, we go [there].

Randy Wilkinson
software engineer
I like to support all the local businesses. I think Fifth Street Steakhouse does a good job. A lot of the local restaurants—Grana and all of the restaurants Will Brady owns [B Street, Banshee and Bill’s Towne Lounge] are great.

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