Letters to the editor: June 8, 2022

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New rep rec

The time has come to replace Congressman Doug LaMalfa. In this vast congressional district of northeastern California, the needs have long exceeded LaMalfa’s ability (or perhaps inclination) to deal with them, particularly in the case of disastrous forest fires.

The U.S. Forest Service, once our first line of defense against forest fires, has apparently been de-funded to the extent that it’s operating on a part-time basis. I can never talk to a real person when I try to phone any ranger station.

[Challenger] Max Steiner, new to our area, seems to have the energy and credentials to get things moving again. Let’s give him a vote.

Robert Woods
Forest Ranch

Fire still burns

I’m seeing an environmental impact that will affect the future growth of Butte County. Many of us who lost everything [due to wildfire] are being dragged through the process of attorneys [who] only have interests in settlements, and [then] get out. The offers are below inflation that was cause[ed] by the [impact of] fires that PG&E openly admitted [being] at fault. It is impossible to rebuild on the funds offered in the claims.

The problem that exists is the values of existing properties, new and old, will decrease due to the lack of population. Businesses are hanging by a thread, and real estate is at a stand still. Citizens of Paradise and Magalia cannot rebuild nor will they leave. PG&E is ripping us off.

Bradley Crain

‘Peace movement?’

Living Lightly

Dude running for Congress
Outside of Chico Nat,
I sign his thing
We get to talking,
He says what’s your issue?
I say peace, you know, peace on Earth,
Are we talking the same language?
Peace is not on the table.
It’s a dangerous world he says.
Yes, and who is most dangerous?
In this enlightened age,
How can we be living in a world that drops bombs?

With the closure of our local peace center,
I wonder, with the news of the day,
Where is the peace movement?
Maybe it has morphed and wizened,
What can I control?
Lifestyle: food, shelter clothing
Spending, local
Habits, simple, that others may simply live.
Grow some food, love your neighbor,
Peace begins within.

I’m wanting common language and symbols
For a life that supposes
Peace on Earth.
I have a friend who will remind me,
The peace sign has murky symbology
Perhaps a stylized tree of life Celtic mandala?

Please visualize a world at peace
Harmony and plenty abound.
Become a more peaceful person,
Meditate. Participate. Locally.
Third and Main on Saturday,
12:30 – 1:30.

Eartha Shanti
Los Molinos

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