Streetalk: Thoughts on Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade?

Asked at Chico State.

Neesa Sonoquie
assistant editor
Disappointing, but not surprising. I’m hopeful that it energizes people to become more active in politics, to work together to support women’s rights to protect their own bodies and have a choice over what we do with our bodies.

Mike Griffith
pedicab owner
A woman’s body is a woman’s body, and she should be allowed to make her own choices.

Isabella Lipelt
It’s annoying to hear that I don’t have a say over my body anymore. The people on the Supreme Court can decide what I do with my own uterus. This overturn of Roe v. Wade is going to kill a lot more women. It’s just really disheartening to hear about.

First and foremost, I think it’s a mistake. Regardless of their decision, their reasoning just doesn’t make any sense. [If we can’t] make enough noise to make sure that the overturning doesn’t happen, we can try to make change on the state level to make sure things functionally stay the same.

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  1. Suddenly it is all over…not really. The “Unborn” were granted no civil rights but, Women were denied rights. Roe didn’t mandate abortions. Didn’t require any woman to have an abortion. Even the noted Conservative, Barry Goldwater, supported the right to an abortion in his autobiography. He only felt the Federal Government should not finance them. What is clear is the Handmaidens Tale now becomes a real possibility. at
    provides some serious studies that demonstrate the problems created by banning abortions. If you can’t win women over to your view through rational argument, you will never make your case.
    Religious arguments? The South pointed out that Jesus never directly called for the end of slavery. It existed in the Roman World he preached in. We all know that Christians’ are not the only religious belief in this country and even our founding Fathers, remember they were all males, disagreed on the critical issues. Nuff Said. Bad cases make for bad decisions.

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