Streetalk: Do you enjoy local arts?

Asked in downtown Chico

Joseph DeMarco
wood flooring

I am in the arts scene quite a bit. My favorite [local] painter is Lola Yang. I got a lot of favorite bands, but probably my favorite performer is Samaria Grace.

Gina Hall
legal secretary

I am a fan of visual art, and I try to purchase local art pieces. I like Caitlin Schwerin, and I just recently purchased a photograph from Martin Adolf Edward Svec. I am very excited. I also have a Josh Olivera and a SEIZER-ONE.

Vera Roque

I love it. In Chico, they have a lot of mosaics, like the mosaic benches, and I love those. And I like the murals.

Denver Latimer
public defender

I love Gnarly Deli and the fact that they’re putting on shows. I think there’s going to be some good grassroots artistic expression, and I think they have the right atmosphere there.

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