Letters to the editor: Feb. 2, 2022

Same ol’ development

Re “Tenuous connection”:

People—at least everyday citizens—don’t have a voice in housing development in Chico. City staff have been in bed with developers for years to keep inclusionary zoning off the books. It was actually approved by the “progressive” City Council a few years ago, and staff failed to develop a zoning policy because it would never be adopted.

Since when is it the staff’s job to go against the council? Since [former Chico City Manager] Fred Davis actually. We, affordable housing advocates, have been trying to get inclusionary zoning implemented since the early 1990s to no avail because developers prevail.

The voice of the public has very little effect on what gets passed by the council. The council may have adopted the Climate Action Plan, but nothing can happen with it without some significant funds to implement it.

Tom Barrett

Settling into the details

Re “On new terms”:

The Warren v. City of Chico settlement agreement should be read by every Chicoan. The sections regarding law enforcement are clear about the role of the Chico Police Department.

In my opinion, the agreement is a de facto acknowledgment that CPD officers are not trained to deal with people in crisis and need. (Chicoans will have to be ready to block the use of scantily trained private armed guards at the shelter location.) Chico can reduce the size of the CPD, a huge cost savings to the taxpayers, now that their role in interacting with the homeless is legally limited. The exact wording is this:

Chico Police Department or other law enforcement may be present at the general location where [Outreach & Engagement] Staff are meeting with Homeless Persons but they must remain far enough away from O&E Staff and Homeless Persons to ensure that the Individual Assessment remains private and outside the immediate presence of law enforcement unless O&E staff requests law enforcement’s presence due to safety concerns or law enforcement determines that they need to intervene for safety reasons.

Scott Rushing

Raise another glass to Dave

Re “Cheers to Dave” (Second & Flume, CN&R, Jan. 6, 2022):

Dave [Mettler] was my friend and bandmate. We played music together for about 15 years, and he had an amazing ear. We worked out together when he lived in Bend, Ore., and I always called him the wine dude. He was an amazing friend, and he will truly be missed.

One time, we were in my music studio and he brought over his saxophone. He said that he hadn’t played it since eighth-grade band, but I wanted sax laid down for a song we were working on. He listened to the song, and on his first take, he laid down the most entrancing sax I’ve ever heard. One-take Dave. I will miss my friend

Mark Armstrong

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