Streetalk: What’s your superpower?

Asked in downtown Chico

David Hines
kitchen manager
Being a little bit too logical. It helps me with recipes and things like that—explaining things, making sure it’s understood by everybody on every wavelength so it’s overly clear.

Mikayla Edwards
farmers’ market admin
Recommending things that people will like. I used to work at a book store, so if you tell me a book you like, I can tell you another book you’ll like. I’ve had people call me at, like, 3 in the morning to be like, “What was that one book?”

Muhammad Afsharzadeh
fire crew
I have superhuman jumping [ability]. I play a lot of sports, [like] basketball. I jump pretty f’in high. I dunk and can do tricks and all that.

Evan Schuman
agricultural consultant
Compassion. [Interrupted by niece Isabella: He always is super intuitive about other people’s needs. If you want evidence of it being a super power: One time I got in a car with him … and I was about to ask him if he could turn the music down and he just did it, and then I wanted him to close the window and he just did it without me asking again!]

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